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Loma Prieta has and will continue to:

•                  present the Stewardship for Small Acreages Workshops, to promote clean water, efficient water   use, erosion control, manure management and fire safety.

•                  develop watershed  projects, emphasizing the reduction of flood water and sediment damage, control of runoff and reduction of erosion, silt and Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL) of nitrogen, pesticides and fecal coliform  pollution.

•                  maintain and update the website to publicize special events and conservation opportunities.

•                  collaborate with neighboring Resource Conservation Districts to support  Livestock and Land conservation and education.

•                  champion the Speak-Off Competition which selects a young adult to represent the District at the State competition for public speaking on the subject of resource conservation.

•                  host the Land Judging competition that solicits the participation of young adults from High Schools within the District  to experience hands-on conservation practices.

•                  provide programs and materials for all school and community groups in the District on conservation education.

•                  participate in the study of Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition in Southern Santa Clara County,

•                  participate in the review, implementation and completion of the Llagas Creek Flood Control project.

•                  develop an efficient program for the recycling of irrigation drip tape and film mulch for the agricultural community.

•                  promote water quality in all conservation activities, as related to non-point source pollution.

•                  communicate with legislative representatives on the local, state and national level.

•                  review Environmental Impact Reports, as requested.

•                  provide guidance and information to all landowners and or operators within the district.

•                  assist the Santa Clara County Fire Safe Council in the fire management chipping program.

•                  respond to community concerns of noxious weeds and other invasive plant species.

•                  participate in permit coordination programs to assist landowners in the implementation of environmentally beneficial projects.

•                  provide assistance to the mitigation and development of Canada de los Osos Ecological Reserve and its education programs